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White Grass

Psychotherapy for inner healing, growth, and change

We are a growing team of compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists dedicated to providing quality assessment and psychotherapy services to those in the Kingston community and across Ontario. 

centre wellness is not only a place you go, but a place we help you create within

Dr. Leah Todd, a Registered Psychologist

You don't have to carry the burden alone

Do you struggle with feelings of sadness, disappointment, or guilt?

Are you feeling anxious or easily overwhelmed?

Does your mind race?

Do you feel empty sometimes?

Are you self-critical and worried about what others may think of you?

Do you struggle to move forward from painful past experiences?

Are you tired and unmotivated?

Are you dissatisfied in your relationships?

Do you feel disconnected from others or what is going on around you?

Are you afraid of what may lie ahead?

Your story is only your story so far.  

In psychotherapy, we prioritize building a trusting and collaborative relationship with you; one where you can safely explore your inner experiences and develop insight into the root of the problem. Throughout this exploration, you also learn about your capabilities, your strengths, your resiliency, and the choices you can make to cultivate lasting change.


centre wellness offers a range of services to meet your unique needs. Our services are covered by most extended health plans. Additionally, our team is a registered provider for WSIB, Blue Cross, and Veteran's Affairs. We provide online and in-person psychodiagnostic assessment, and individual and group psychotherapy for adults. 

Psychological Assessment

Our psychologists provide quality psychological assessments to help you make better sense of your problems and understand what keeps you stuck. We work collaboratively with you to develop a plan that will get you feeling and living better.


In psychotherapy, we help you navigate difficult feelings, heal from past traumas, and build better resources to effectively cope during stressful times. Through this process, the goal is to find a sense of inner peace so that you can experience more joy, satisfaction, connection and meaning in your life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers a unique environment to form connections, explore inner struggles, and both receive and offer support

Share. Understand. Heal.

Psychotherapy is a profound experience that helps individuals make lasting life changes. 

Improved self-esteem and increased self-compassion

Improved relationship satisfaction

Increased clarity to make better decisions

More energy for things that matter most 

An ability to identify limits and set healthy boundaries

A greater sense of purpose and meaning

A healthier balance between life's responsibilities, pleasure, and rest

A richer emotional life 

Improved resilience to more effectively cope with the inevitable challenges of life

More ease, authenticity, and joy

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Thoughtful Matching

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

Good therapy depends on the connection between you and your therapist. But we know that the beginning of your healing journey can be overwhelming and it is hard to know where to start. That is why we developed a thoughtful matching process. We do our best to simplify the process so that you can just focus on feeling better. 

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